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General Summary

He is best known for launching DARK, a media entertainment, blog, and full-service marketing company.

He has collaborated with hundreds of celebrities, athletes, artists, and influencers including Netflix star Jarry Lee, The Fault in Our Stars Actress Emily Peachey, influencer Lexy Panterra, X-Factor Finalist Joey Djia, Miss Universe Finalist Dora Rodriguez, Emmy nominated artist Nevrmind, Anees The Rapper, pre kai ro and several others.

Before running DARK, he helped launched several startups during his high school and college years, including viral app game Dab Like Diplo which featured several celebrity caricatures like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne.

During his time in Law School, Alamri was also hired as a graphics coordinator and webmaster for several law firms, clothing brands, and startups in the San Diego area before launching his own startup.

In 2019, Alamri joined a nonprofit intellectual property law firm specializing in legal services, education, and public policy advocacy for creators, entrepreneurs and internet users.


Alamri also became a media coordinator and one of the first legal advocates for the National Association for Equity In The Legal Profession (Nonprofit organization advocating for racial, gender, economic, & disability justice in the legal profession).

In 2020, Vice News interviewed Alamri in a segment regarding scholars, graduates, and students who are are rebelling against eye-tracking exam surveillance tools. 


Background in Business & Securities Law, Corporate Entity Formations, Intellectual Property Law, Fair Use & DMCA/Copyright/Trademark enforcement and legal compliance. Internet law experience launching mobile apps, internet companies, & marketing/advertising campaigns for notable influencers & brands.

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